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Who Are We?

If you work a job you hate but do it to pay the bills, if you are an entrepreneur or student and feel like giving up, if you are an influencer and often feel the pressure your audience place on you, or if you are a human who struggles from time to time to stay sane in a world that promotes chaos… WE ARE FOR YOU! 😄

We all have different stories that add value to our experiences in life. There are times when life throws us curve balls and motivation may barely be enough to get us through. Juss Presh Shop is an answer to your distress. You may think your hard work, tears, and sacrifices are not paying off but we’re here to remind you that it is! 💪

Helping you build up your Godfidence one affirmation at a time with our future-telling apparel and tools. We are the ones you lean towards when you need a reminder of how great you truly are. We are not just an online presence, we are real people in real time, helping our people like you to push to the finish line to see the glory; starting with your wardrobe. Shop our life changing collections and see for yourself ! ✨

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  • I really vibe with this brand it’s like something so original 😊

    • Sierra Thompson